I love getting new DVDs to add to my collection when I can, picking out six new ones with some birthday / Christmas money and store points.  Out of what I chose, I’ve only seen one of them.  So, as a preview to upcoming content, I’ve got a good variety of movies to watch and about which to blog.  Along with those, I have some draft posts to work on about other movies.

Judging from its trailer, “The Raven” (2012) will be a bit of a challenge to watch, but I’m a fan of Edgar Allan Poe.  With its atmospheric trailer and fairy tale basis, “Red Riding Hood” (2011) is another eerie movie I’ve been meaning to see.  As for “The Good Doctor” (2011), I’ve been curious about Orlando Bloom’s villainous title role after many heroic characters.

"The Raven," "Red Riding Hood," "The Good Doctor"

“The Raven,” “Red Riding Hood,” “The Good Doctor”

The other three DVDs were ordered online and they’re still on the way.  Those include this year’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” the 1996 version of “Hamlet” and “Lords of Dogtown” (2005).  It’s the latter of those that I’ve already seen and love it for so many reasons, which I’ll save for writing about later.

Did you get any movies on Blu-Ray / DVD this year?  If so, which ones?