Over the past months since my last post, I haven’t had much time to watch movies and blog any thoughts on them. In late spring, I began an active job search for new employment, mostly using the Indeed mobile app. So far, I’ve had some interviews at marketing companies and car dealerships. Both of these paths are new to me. Yet I applied because they were entry-level, making it worth a shot to see what would happen. I also felt that my communication skills gained in college could surely be an asset for professional use wherever I’m hired.

The marketing positions focused on business clients, had growth opportunities down the road and would be great in terms of income. But maybe after some experience, I could relay marketing toward working in that capacity at film companies. Meanwhile, I’d continue with my blogging about movies to help show my knowledge of them. If I were to get hired at a car dealership, my writing pursuits would carry on just the same. My interest in cars was one reason behind imagining I’d be able to sell them with enthusiasm. Anyway, recent times have made it necessary to apply for such positions that pay higher than those I’ve had in the past. One thing I had to think about was what to do with any goals for finishing my graduate degree. I have an option to work from home while returning to classes, hopefully in the fall. If I were to find a job in the film industry after graduation, I could share experiences on this blog.

As last summer continued into fall, much more took place family-wise besides my job-hunting efforts. Instead of writing again about recent personal events here, you can read what’s been going on in my life at my main blog. It involves my mom, who enjoyed both movies and television, as well as music. One of her favorites connecting two of those entertainment areas was the Loretta Lynn biopic, “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” I’ve never posted about that movie, so I’d like to buy a copy on DVD and write some thoughts on it afterward.