My best friend and I watched “Bad Moms” together and loved it as a great laugh-out-loud time with the gals type of movie. Neither of us is a parent, however we related to the overall theme of rebelling against an overbearing system. For example, acting up in a strict high school teacher’s class. In the movie’s case, it’s Amy (Mila Kunis) against the PTA where her kids go to school. But it’s not just the PTA as one entity; its leader, Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) is a real stickler for the rules. She is the queen bee among her two sidekick mom friends, Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (Annie Mumolo).

What with all the running around Amy does and never catching up, then an added problem from her husband, it’s no wonder she hits a breaking point. This one particular bad day she’s having
just seems as though it can’t possibly get any worse for her. Luckily, she finds support in two
other moms who’ve had it up to here, Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell). Together,
they let loose, leaving their mom troubles in the dust.

One of my favorite moments in newly bad mom Amy is when she uncovers the red hot rod in the driveway. Charging through town, she digs her cool wheels. With my red Camaro, hands-down my favorite sporty car no matter what year, I felt like the onscreen bad mom. I also love the latest Dodge Challenger and I think what Amy drives is an older model. Either way, it’s an awesome car and is perfect for her good-to-bad mom transformation.

Carla is also great as bad-mom inspiration for Amy’s new image. She’s already on the wild side and the more straight-laced moms despise her. No doubt, the most comical of the anti-PTA trio. The timid Kiki sees a new light as she hangs out with her rebellious friends. The three of them, all having it up to here with parenting rules, make an awesome team. Not only for their support system, but for the laughs and fun times as they let go of stress.

Then there is love interest, Jessie (Jay Hernandez) and…Wow! He sure looked a lot like a guy I once had a crush on; my jaw dropped! As Amy and her friends act wild, go out on the town, party, etc., I felt as though I was rooting for her and Jessie. She tries to meet other guys, yet
things don’t quite click. It’s hilarious, how various attempts falter for her in a scene in which someone is out of practice with the dating world. I could relate in the sense that I wasn’t able
to really talk to my crush at the time. Amy even had an awkward moment with the gorgeous Jessie.

Rivalry between Amy and Gwendolyn add to the humor, heating up as the snobby PTA mom goes low to hold onto her rank. The only way to stop her is to go against her in a more official
way, with the help of Carla and Kiki. Their antics draw in other moms who want to escape from
parenting and party hard.

Whether at a grocery store, in a bar or at Amy’s house, the gals’ wild ways kept my best friend and I laughing to the end. The unexpected twist involving Gwendolyn was a nice touch that made us wonder where everyone’s story would go next. I also wanted to know what becomes
of Amy and Jessie’s relationship, should a sequel come along.

One more enjoyable element throughout this comedic movie was its soundtrack of jumping party songs. They were must-haves to buy on iTunes.

If you saw “Bad Moms,” what were some of your favorite or most relatable moments from the movie? Who was your favorite character?