High Sch Mem

My high school friends and I are planning to have a reunion soon. We had one several years back and since then, more have shown up online. Recently, some Facebook “On This Day” posts included a note I shared about movies that remind me of our times in classes or various activities together. So, I thought I’d blog about some of these and why they bring back a few memories. Their stories aren’t all in a school setting and in some cases, take me back to general moments from when I was 16 – 18 years old, not just those that took place during the school hours.

“The Breakfast Club”

For one of my friends, this was an all-time favorite. It reminded me of high school because of that theme of teens with different backgrounds also finding a common bond. Then, there is bad
boy, John Bender (Judd Nelson). Rich girl Claire (Molly Ringwald) goes from repulsed by him to feeling an attraction to him. Back in my own teen years, I had a crush on someone who I think a lot of others saw as having a bad boy rep. As a result of laughing at his antics in class, I was even lectured about having a huge crush on him. That didn’t work; it only made him seem more mysterious to me, along with his devilish grin already creating that image.

“Sixteen Candles”

A story with an annoying character who likes a girl, yet she is head over heals for the popular one, who has a girlfriend. I can certainly relate to Molly Ringwald’s character, Samantha, in this John Hughes flick as well…too shy to talk to that certain guy. Meanwhile, there was always that other one who just wouldn’t quit; always in the face of one girl or another. Like Samantha and her friends, we were always irked by those types. Yet unlike Samantha, I didn’t end up dating the guy who was my idea of Jake Ryan.

“Dirty Dancing”

My best friend and I both loved Patrick Swayze (R.I.P.) as the rebellious, yet good-hearted and rather misunderstood Johnny Castle. This movie was out before we knew each other, but Swayze was our first mutual favorite actor. So, he was among early reasons why the two of us bonded and became best friends.

“City Slickers”

A small group of us went on a camping trip outside of Harrisburg and in the recreation center, we watched this comedy over spaghetti dinner. Although we didn’t rough it like Billy Crystal and his city friends out west, many activities were set up, encouraging us to dare ourselves in taking them on. We lined up for a trust fall from atop a boulder, took on a huge rope system and rock-climbing and more.

“The Sandlot”

One day, several teachers decided to show this comedy to a large group of students in the cafeteria. At first, some may have thought it was more for a younger audience. Instead, as
the adventure began, trying to get a prized baseball back from a feared dog, it had everyone laughing. I still like it because it didn’t need for a viewer to be into sports. Another reason is
that the scary tale being told at the boys’ sleepover was relatable to another high school camping trip, when it was time for sharing frights. As we were sitting around the fire, one classmate made me jump by sneaking up behind me and growling like a bear!

There are so many more that I could list as movies that take me back to some absolutely memorable years. I’ll have to write follow-up posts here and there about others as well.

What movies remind you of your own high school years or teen life in general?