Long before I started using WordPress, I shared my thoughts about various topics, including movies, on both MySpace and Yahoo! 360. Before deciding to cancel to former and the latter’s feature was discontinued, I backed up everything I wrote on each one. Since I wasn’t sure which platform to move onto at the time, I kept hard copies. Good thing, too, what with my laptop at the time having battery problems and possible data loss sometime afterward.

As I recently looked through those old posts, I found a number of them were on cinematic works I hadn’t written about since then. So, I thought, why not re-type what I thought of these favorite flicks onto my current blogging platform? I’ll just edit anything I need to, maybe add more to them (my old posts were somewhat short) and allow for an extra source of movie-related content.

Just to give an idea of which movies I wrote about, they included “Becoming Jane,” “Marie Antoinette,” “A Knight’s Tale.” A few others with knights and princes were in the mix, as well as at least one from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. I love the details of many elaborate period costumes in these examples.

What do you think about those mentioned above?

Movies with beautiful historical era costumes are usually my favorites to win for their design at the Academy Awards. I’m hoping that “Cinderella” will take home the Oscar this year, although it could go to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” for imaginative sci-fi style. I’ll be posting my overall favorite 2016 nominees next, now that I finished deciding on as many categories as I could.