In any given year, documentary films often slip past my attention until award season nominations are revealed. That genre is one of which I don’t usually find playing at local theaters. However, I found out about “Living in the Age of Airplanes” via a National Geographic e-newsletter. The trailers hint at a stunning film and is one which I hope to see on a nearby IMAX screen. It’s not only the visual aspect, but the element of aviation history to today’s accomplishments in flying as well.  The Wright Brothers’ Monument says it all: “In Commemoration of the Conquest of the Air.”

Wright Bros Conquest Air

The closest city in which this film has showtimes is Harrisburg; much too far away for a movie outing. However, based on the official website, it looks to be in early stages of release. There is also information provided on how to build interest in having the film, narrated by Harrison Ford, show in more theaters around the country. I want to take part in getting it onto big screens in the Philadelphia region. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if this documentary is named as an Oscar-nominated film for its genre category. Or short, depending on the length; maybe technical ones as well.

I can relate to the sense of fascination for airplanes and flight expressed in the film’s trailers. When I was much younger, it occurred more often that commercial jets appeared to fly rather lower over my neighborhood compared to present day. They were approaching PHL and I would always look up at them, watching in awe.

A SW In Flight