Moonshot BW

As I watched the opening scene, I wouldn’t have guessed was performing onstage in such great costuming and make-up. It turned out to be leading man Colin Firth as Stanley, the magician rousing his audience with classic how’d-he-do-that tricks.

While backstage, a discussion with a friend leads to an arrangement to meet Sophie (Emma Stone). He is later introduced to her by Mrs. Baker (Marcia Gay Harden) and from that moment on, Sophie tries to envision a scenario. The young lady supposedly even has the ability to make contact with spirits. It is a personal interest for Stanley as to whether or not those who claim to be mediums are the real deal. He attends, watching from the sidelines, a seance at which a woman truly believes what is happening. Stanley’s expression shows what he is thinking about the “otherworldly” display complete with strange knocks and more.

Between the two of them, Stanley and Sophie represent the complete opposites in beliefs regarding the paranormal. Their wardrobe reflects personalities with Stanley a conservatively-attired man and Sophie’s look says “free-spirited.” As they spend time together, it is that element which brings about a romantic feeling from the young medium toward him. Meanwhile, another man hopes to capture her heart.

The love triangle doesn’t have a great amount of tension, such as two men fighting over a woman. However, I think that any romantic at heart would appreciate wondering how that part of the story will turn out. Tragedy strikes and still, Stanley is a man of science as he ponders the outcome against Sophie’s abilities. His skepticism holds steady as another obstacle for any relationship with her. She feels that what he dismisses about her is the same element that has helped change his nature. Will they be able to reach a happy middle regarding a topic driving such different opinions? Or will it just tear them apart? Spirituality is not the only aspect of their lives that make Stanley and Sophie an odd match to him and others.

Such problems lead her to take a look at what each man would bring to her life, who would be the better suitor. Based on what Sophie tells Stanley, I’m not sure who to believe she’ll choose in the end. Will she take off with the young man after her heart or will opposites attract? Just as in many other movies with a love triangle, I enjoyed that element of the story. However, the mystery as to which man wins in the end doesn’t last long and I felt like I wanted to hold onto it a little bit more. It wasn’t a major loss in my eyes about the movie, as so many other aspects really drew me in.

I can’t recall many movies with classical music and mixed with music of the story’s 1920s time period, it adds further grandeur. It perfectly compliments a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor settings. One of my favorite places is the observatory in which Stanley and Sophie find shelter from the elements; it seemed to be the most unexpected of all the places in the movie. They run into some trouble and with her abilities, Sophie tends to believe something worse is going to happen.

Anyone who saw and enjoyed “Midnight in Paris” will probably take a liking to this movie, also directed by Woody Allen. Both of these works share in common the time period, several music pieces and characters with opposite mindsets.