I have a few movies that I’ve been wanting to write about lately, not all the most recent, but loved each one.  With one from last fall, I figured on waiting until the DVD was out, which I bought a couple of weeks ago, along with another movie. However, I’ll be delaying these posts until I come back from a trip for which I’ve been preparing. In fact, I’ll be leaving later today for the airport to go to Dublin with a group from my grad school. So, I thought I’d write up a quick post as an update. Once I’m back, I want to write about these movies:

  • “Now You See Me”
  • “Rush”
  • “Godzilla”

Along with those, I hope to have something to write about that focuses on movie or tv filming locations. It depends on where I go during leisure days. But if I can, I’d love to go around and see of those places we see as the backdrop of our favorite stories on screen.

I’ll be posting about Ireland on my photo / travel blog, PhotoJourney; I have some posts already as part of a journaling assignment for the trip. Getting ready for it gave me a lot with which to start writing. This trip is a huge first for me and it’s been a learning experience as it came closer.