I recently finished reading “The Big Ship,” by Frank O. Braynard and learned so much about the S.S. United States, from early planning to years since it last sailed.  From some recent news coverage of preservation effects, I heard of some classic Hollywood names in the ship’s history.

The Big Ship Book

Along with that, according to Braynard, the ship was used in the 1962 movie “Bon Voyage.”  I’m familiar with other movies in which one of the cast, Fred MacMurray, starred, although I haven’t seen his co-star Jane Wyman in any of her roles yet.

Anyway, as the ship is of great interest to me, I am inspired to check out this movie sometime.  A while back I wrote a post about the S.S. Unites States on my other blog, Photo Journey and since then managed to take just a few photos near where the ship is docked.  Those photos are on Flickr.

Once I follow up and watch “Bon Voyage,” I’ll write about it on here.  Finding out the movie’s connection to the ship, it definitely is another one that gets added to cinematic works I enjoy in part for film locations.