Lately, I’ve been catching up on a few movies airing on higher-numbered channels that allow commercial-free viewing.  Here are three that I enjoyed for their various cinematic elements.

“Big Miracle” (2012)

One of my favorite things about this movie speaks to me as a communication graduate because of how the story of trapped whales spreads.  A situation caught just by chance by a reporter (John Krasinski), it eventually captures the hearts of people in many walks of life.  The way that people just take to this story tugs at the hearts of viewers as it shows how there is real concern, that people worldwide can unite over a cause.  The business of oil, politics and international relations even come into play and have their own impact on the whales’ survival chances.  Drew Barrymore portrays Rachel Kramer, the real-life environmental activist who passionately worked to save the whale family from ice closing in around them.

“Stardust” (2007)

The medieval sci-fi fantasy is one of my favorites to watch and this movie didn’t disappoint as an addition to a long list of many like it.  A number of classic fairy tale elements come together in a magical world filled with a variety of adventure-bound characters.  A charming prince (Charlie Cox) embarks on a journey to find where a star fell and bring it to his love (Sienna Miller).  The star, turning out to be a young woman (Claire Danes), is sought as well by evil.  That evil is a witch (Michelle Pfeiffer), who desires to salvage her youth and beauty.  Then there is a pirate captain (Robert De Niro) to top it all off.  Their combined adventure revolves in part around a necklace with a jewel pendant and it will reveal who the new reigning king is to be.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004)

Each time I saw this movie in the tv listings lately, it was at the point of being at least half way through.  I always want to see movies from the start when first watching them.  This is one case which particular really needed that in order to follow it and understand what happens.  The visuals and how the scenes transition were amazing from beginning to end, getting more intricate in the memory-erasing sequences.  I also love the writer tone of Jim Carrey’s character, Joel, as well as the quirkiness of Clementine (Kate Winslet).  Other favorites among the cast include Elijah Wood, Kirsten Dunst and Mark Ruffalo.

If you saw any or all three of these, what are your thoughts on them?