While at a local Barnes & Noble yesterday, I bought this trio of DVDs, one of which I’ve already seen and wrote a blog post about previously.  Check out my Film Inspired blog post on 2010’s “Leap Year,” which is on my list of movies with favorite filming locations.  As I watch the two movies that are completely new to me, I’ll post my thoughts about them.  For now, I have to say that after I first saw a trailer for “Shopgirl” (2005), it just drew me in.  It looked to be such a great story of human relationships, something anybody could connect with.  Also, Claire Danes is one of my favorite actresses and I know that between the casting and storyline, I won’t be disappointed.  “Paris, Je T’aime” (2006) is a movie that I’ve only heard film classmates mention here and there, which made me curious about it.  Going by cast members whose other movies I’ve seen, as well as the enchanting setting of Paris, I’m sure I’ll also love this movie.

Some very good recommendations for other DVDs came from these purchases, my favorite of them being “Casanova” (2005).  A great cast overall, with Heath Ledger in the title role, in the beautiful location of Venice, Italy (another place I have to visit someday) are among the reasons I love it.  I also love the behind-the-scenes features covering various aspects of putting it all together.  I’ve been wanting to see the other suggested movies as well for their cast, settings and storylines.