The ghostly face of the woman in black, as she appears silently in a window or even next to Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), makes me think one thing.  Just imagine going to some particularly spooky location.  Those sudden appearances of the vengeful ghost will make you wonder what’s lurking unseen nearby.

But this atmospheric tale is just the kind of scary movie I like.  I’m not really one for those slasher flicks of recent years.  Give me classic monsters, foreboding old mansions for a good scare any day over the gore-filled slashers.  Although, there was one surprising moment of seeing blood at some point as Kipps tries to solve the haunting mystery.

From first glimpse of the estate in which Kipps has to work, there is that creepy, unwelcoming feeling about the property.  Some old, abandoned houses in my own area seem to have that vibe of being haunted.  They draw my curiosity, standing as a mystery of the past with their stories still to be discovered.  It’s the best way I can describe it as Kipps first approaches the old mansion and how he gazes at it, looking rather apprehensive.  Adding to that is the slow, gradual way in which the mansion comes into view; it’s just the way in which someone would approach any creepy, old place that has ghostly tales passed on by locals.

Kipps, trying to get through legal paperwork at the lonely old mansion, begins to experience strange goings-on.  From that point on, he is drawn into a mystery unfolding before him.  Who could ignore what seems to be a shadow darting by in the halls of the mansion where you think you’re alone?

Bad things start to happen to residents back in the nearby village and it seems that Kipps can only continue in his quest to solve the mystery.  It looks to be the only way to end the danger plaguing the villagers.  But they’re not the only ones who fall victim to a ghostly woman.

The Woman in Black” definitely gets added to my list of movies to watch in celebrating Halloween.  I love watching the old horror movies on TCM at that time of year, from Bela Lugosi as Dracula to “The Haunting” (1963).  While this is a 2012 film, its classic haunting tale and atmospheric look makes it a great addition to a creepy Halloween film fest.