I’ve seen a lot of films for the first time this semester between an English literature class and two film classes.  The most recent ones screened for class were only watched part-way through or in scene clips.  Those included “Full Metal Jacket,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “A.I. – Artificial Intelligence” and “Strangers on a Train.”  Even so, it was still the first time I saw those to any extent.

After so many first-time screenings of various films, I’ve come out of these classes with some that I’d like to add to my DVD collection.  I bought a few of the Stanley Kubrick films so that, as a commuter student, I’d be able to review them quicker and easier for one class.  Those films were “Paths of Glory,” “Spartacus” and “Lolita,” but some of the ones I really liked and would still like to get include:

  • “Run Lola Run”
  • “North by Northwest”
  • “2001: A Space Odyssey”
  • “The Awful Truth”
  • “Barry Lyndon”
  • “Persepolis”

The last film I’ll get to see for the first time on campus is “District 9,” although that’s not for a class.  This is being screened as part of a campus film festival, an event held by the English department.  Finals week starts tomorrow, I have a film class term paper on “A Clockwork Orange” to finish by Monday night.  Graduation follows soon after that, which is still hard to believe.  I’m not sure if I’ll go on to grad school, when or where, although I figure I’ll at least stay in the mid-Atlantic and northeast region.  However, I would like to major in English literature and also continue my film studies if (hopefully, when) I go to grad school.