After a few years, I finally caught an airing of “Wendy and Lucy” on television.  Before seeing it, I knew that it was a down-on-your-luck story.  I also expected it to be well-acted and wasn’t disappointed in that department.  Michelle Williams is a three-time Oscar nominee, according to IMDB and while none of those Academy Award nominations were for her role as Wendy, her great talent comes through.  The pain of her character’s situation can be seen in her eyes, in her expressions and heard in her speech.

Wendy hopes for a chance at a better life and there is one obstacle after another in this independent film.  With today’s tough economy, the constant hardships encountered by Wendy parallel instances when people in real life face numerous problems to overcome.  They may not be on a journey involving vast geographic distance, like Wendy finds herself on.  Yet people in real life often deal with back-to-back obstacles that begin to seem insurmountable.  So, as I watched to see how her story would turn out, I kept rooting for Wendy and her dog, Lucy.  In her dire situation, Wendy shows her selfless character when it comes to Lucy’s well-being.

As a relatable story with one of today’s most talented actresses in the lead role, “Wendy and Lucy” was worth the wait to see.