We had a screening of “The Awful Truth” (1937,) starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne in a recent night of film appreciation class.  This was the first time I watched the old Hollywood romantic comedy and I liked it very much.  The storyline is one that many can relate to, experiencing relationships that go sour over a misunderstanding.  Yet comical incidents happen that tend to keep driving both parties in that relationship together.  Watch it to see what happens between Jerry (Grant), Lucy (Dunne) and others in their lives.

Throughout the film, Grant’s mannerisms reminded me of award season footage of George Clooney.  Whoever first said it, I’m not sure; but Clooney really does look like a present-day Cary Grant.  It’s interesting how there are a few actors and actresses of today that look so much like those of the past, whether in or out of character for a role.

One of my friends and I were talking about the award season and in turn, that led to talking about Clooney and Brad Pitt .  We have been fans of Pitt for a long time, with his gorgeous looks.  However, my friend told me that she likes Clooney more in terms of appearance these days.  They’re both attractive, of course; yet I still go more for Pitt.  As far as talent goes, my friend and I both feel that these leading men are equal given that they are both a part of the world of the Oscars.

What present-day actor or actress do you think looks most like an old Hollywood star?  Between A-Listers Pitt and Clooney, who is your favorite actor?