As a fan of many films, both present and going back to old Hollywood, I like coming across representations of classic stars at various diners I’ve been to.  So I thought I’d share a few examples of those representations seen at three different diners.

Marilyn, Memories Grill – Aston, Pa.

James Dean & Elvis, Cheeburger – Brick, N.J.

A legendary group, Boothwyn Diner – Boothwyn, Pa.

Not all three fall under a complete ’50s diner theme, one that I love.  I also love diners that have a nostalgic feel overall with many different Americana-themed decor on the walls.  That’s the way I would describe Boothwyn Diner.  As far as iconic film stars go, I haven’t been anywhere yet that had an image of Steve McQueen.  He’s another one of my favorites, starring in films such as “The Blob,” which was filmed not too far from where I live.  Anyway, it surprises me that I haven’t seen any representation of McQueen yet.  I went to a local Red Robin once; it was decorated with framed photos ranging from iconic architecture to Hollywood legends and much more.  However, I only caught glimpses of photos hanging along the path leading to my table.  Red Robin is another restaurant that I recommend if you like the atmosphere of dining while surrounded by images of pop culture to take in.  Actually, I recommend all of these places to eat for their great service and food.

Images of nostalgic pop culture decorating the walls of dining establishments make for interesting conversation as you wait for your order and between bites as well.  Who doesn’t enjoy talking about topics such as the movies?