Classes began on Wednesday, and along with the last half of my journalism class, I also have some English literature classes.  Most of those classes are on film studies, fulfilling both an English minor and a concentration in film studies.  It’s going to be an interesting and creative semester that brings to an end the undergraduate college chapter of my life.

The first class I had this week was English literature, and although it doesn’t focus on film, there is a connection.  One of the books we’ll be reading has big screen adaptation: “A Clockwork Orange.”  I’ve never read the first of those, or watched the film.  Besides those film connections, the theme of the class focuses on a topic in many coming-of-age stories told in the movies.

The film-oriented English classes I have include scriptwriting, film appreciation and film directing.  The scriptwriting class is actually for stage, although my professor said that people who write for stage can transition well into writing for film.  My classmates and I each have to write a script for a one-act play.  For mine, I’m going to try writing a script that has drama.

Film appreciation covers different aspects of filmmaking: genres, camera use, lighting, scenes, etc.  That will be really interesting to me because I love a lot of details that are used to make up a scene, and I love interesting camera angles.  The film directing class isn’t about actually getting to direct.  Instead, it’s a lecture class and we’ll be studying a lot of the works of Stanley Kubrick.  We watched part of a documentary today, called, “Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.”  Out of his films, I’ve only seen “The Shining” and maybe half of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Where I go once this semester and these classes are over, I’m not sure about the long term just yet.  Right now, I’m looking into communications-related internships, as well as those that relate to my English and film studies.

I’d like to go to graduate school, although I have a lot of steps to take for the admissions process.  So I know that I won’t be starting grad school in the fall 2012 semester.  While in grad school, I hope to study abroad in the UK and see a lot of literary film locations.  Read more here about why I want to go to the UK as a study abroad participant.  As for how I’ll apply my film studies to either that or the career world, there are a few ideas I  have in mind.  For grad school, I would like to continue with my academic path in either communications or English and definitely incorporate further film studies.  I hope to take on more video classes at some point as well.  In terms of a career, I’m interesting in writing film reviews and behind-the-camera work.  Of course, that goes along with my interests that are more directly journalism-related.  In that area, my interests include travel writing and photography, writing features, covering arts & entertainment.  Those are just a few of my journalism and English literature / film-related career interests.  I’ll post more about my film classes as I go on through the semester.