Before I write other posts about movies this year, I thought I’d write about what it is that draws me to watching so much there is to see on the big screen.

In many cases, it is the actors and / or actresses who I am a fan of that initially gain my interest in a film.  I’ve seen a lot more independent films lately because the leading actor or actress is one of my favorites.  That, in turn, has made me more open to watching independent films or following related news until I get to watch them.  The more I learn about a story that the film tells, the more I continue to become interested for that as well.  The independent films that I’ve seen, starring favorite leading actors or actresses, haven’t disappointed.  I would even say that the genre of independent film is one of my favorites because so many great stories are brought to the screen.

In other cases, it’s the story and the film locations along with the acting.  One such example is “Bright Star,” because it was very beautiful and filmed in the kind of places that I would love to see one day.  There are so many examples of movies that inspire me to travel because of the film locations.  However, I’ll have to save that for another post.  I didn’t know much about Abbie Cornish or Ben Whishaw when I first saw this, having only seen them in one other movie each (“Candy” and “I’m Not There,” respectively).  However, their acting talents have made them two of my newest favorites after being drawn to the films they’ve been a part of.

Every now and then, a remake comes along and because I loved the original, I am curious about the new one.  I always tend to be loyal to the original and liking it the most, even when the remake doesn’t disappoint.  When I first heard about the “Footloose” remake, my thoughts were pretty much, “Why are they remaking so many films?”  However, as time went on and I saw more trailers, the remake in this case grew on me.  I went to see it and thought it was well-updated for present day, while still having a lot of recognizable scenes from the original.  There were people in the audience sitting near me who were dancing in their seats to the opening music.  I mentioned that in a movie review I wrote for my campus news, The Loquitur.  You can read it here.  Of course, there are plenty of films that I hope never get hit with the remake trend.  Some of them are from before my time as well as those that were hits during my teen years.  But that’s another blog post.  Anyway, the “Footloose” remake is a case of nostalgia drawing me to films.

Another reason I love movies is that, especially in the past few years, reality TV has taken over the small screen world.  While I can find an educational aspect in some of the reality shows that are out there, a lot of others make me wonder what’s happening to TV.  Aside from reality shows I do see value in, my TV-watching comes down to some old favorite shows (and fairly recent ones) in reruns and a few current shows.  That’s it for my TV-watching.  The bottom line here:  with only a few TV shows airing these days that I like (reality TV or otherwise), the amount of movies I like far outnumbers what I’m interested in watching on the small screen.  Maybe I’ll write a post later on with more specifics about some of my small screen favorites.

Being so into films as I am, you could say that awards season is to me what sports playoffs / championships / world series, etc. are to sports enthusiasts.  Since I’ve been blogging and using other social media, I’ve gotten into the habit of sharing my favorite award nominees each year.  It is just like when I hear sports fans say to each other something along the lines of, “I think the [favorite team] is gonna go all the way to the playoffs this year; they’ve had a great season already.”  Well, every year, there is a particular movie, actor or actress that has my steady vote throughout each award show nomination.  Previous years included favorite nominees such as Tom Hanks, “Titanic,” Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, “Lord of the Rings,” Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, “The Dark Knight,” Heath Ledger, Natalie Portman, “”Inception,” “127 Hours,” James Franco; I could go on.  This year, I’d love to see DiCaprio win his first Academy Award for “J. Edgar.”  As far as best actress, I’m not sure yet…it’s another tough category.  I just saw “My Week with Marilyn,” and also the trailer for “The Iron Lady.”  Michelle Williams was fantastic as Marilyn Monroe; Meryl Streep is an awesome actress and her career is legendary. No matter which film, actor or actress wins top honors this year and no matter who / what won in previous years, those are just a few of my favorite celebrities and films altogether.  Also, there are always a few categories in which I can’t easily narrow down my No. 1 favorite to win; other categories have a definite favorite right away.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to the award shows and the Oscar nominations.

So there they are, the reasons why I love the movies so much…acting talent, great stories, film locations, nostalgia, today’s TV and the excitement of award season.  What would you say you tend to like more between the big screen and the small screen?  Do you have any favorite film locations?  What are your thoughts on remakes or today’s reality TV?  Here’s to another year of great movies and great acting!

Next, I’m writing a combined post about “J. Edgar, ” “My Week with Marilyn” and “The Artist.”  I’m going to see “The Artist” within a few days.  I love that movie-goers today have the chance to go to a theatre and watch a new movie that is silent.