Whether I watched certain movies for the first time during class or on my own time at home, I’ve definitely seen some very good ones this year.  Of course, I’m catching up on a few from the past few years as well as those within a year that’s almost over.  Here are a few more big screen works that I wanted to share my thoughts on.

“Inside Job” (2010)

My journalism classmates and I watched this Academy Award-winning documentary in class one day, linking its focus on the global economic crisis to discussions about the Occupy movement.  What caused the strongest reactions to the film also included certain material assets of unnamed CEOs and how a few interviewees responded to questions.  If you watch this film, narrated by Academy Award winner Matt Damon, you’ll see what I mean.  Another shocking segment shows what happened to some average people in Florida, regarding their living situations.  This film shows extreme wealth that a small number of people have, and as long as that kind of wealth exists, there shouldn’t be certain problems in the world.  People shouldn’t have to work three times as hard just to keep from sinking; that kind of effort should see better economic results.  Average families shouldn’t be losing their homes, people shouldn’t be walking the streets homeless and there shouldn’t be entire countries suffering from extreme poverty.  If the global economy was healthy, so many problems could be worked on and hopefully solved.

“Twilight” (2008)

I’m breaking away from the seriousness for a moment with this one.  And yes, I’m behind when it comes to the saga of vampires vs. werewolves with Bella Swan in the middle.  I wouldn’t call myself a belated “Twi-hard,” or one who subscribes to either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” for that matter.  Despite that, I liked it and found myself comparing it to the book.  I read it around this time last year, and as I watched the movie, I remembered the events in the book and anticipated how they’d visually turn out.  I always like special effects in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, so it automatically had me there.

I could relate to Bella in a way, in that moment when she first sees Edward Cullen as it is clear that she is really attracted to him.  We all had that kind of moment when we first saw our high school crushes.  Not only that, but Edward has sort of a bad boy look; another aspect to relate to Bella with…falling for the bad boy type in high school.  I love many other actors who have played the bad boy, the rebel, the outsider.  Many girls in my generation swooned over Luke Perry as Dylan McKay on “Beverly Hills, 90210.”  His  character on that show was just one example of the mysterious, brooding cool guy.  So, if I had been a “Twi-hard” with a particular team to follow, I know I would’ve joined “Team Edward” based on how I relate to Bella.

“Frost/Nixon” (2008)

Strong acting from Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt and Matthew Macfadyen fills this political history-based film start to finish.  I’ve been meaning to see this since the year it was out,  one reason being my interest in following politics more steadily since 2000.  So any films about important moments in political history have also captured my interest.  As politics go, such moments have huge impacts on society and culture.  What I like about this film is the way is was put together: not only the scenes re-enacting the events, but also the various commentary / interview scenes.  It seemed very documentary-like in those moments.  Also, as a communications major, the other reason I like this film is the relationship to journalism that is represented.  Political scandal = big news; imagine if social media had been around at the time of these actual events.  We have many examples of political news to parallel that in today’s current events as it is.

“Jane Eyre” (2011)

Sigh…another literary film that has me dreaming of the opportunity to go to England and see its filming locations.  If I were a filmmaker, I would love to create literary films like this one because I love its haunting look in the windswept English countryside.  No matter what capacity I’m if ever I’m in England, I know I’ll enjoy walking along those stony walls through the scenic country and charming towns.  The stately houses that have seen many years will intrigue me as they stand over dramatic landscapes.  I can see how those in the entertainment world are so inspired to create literary-based films such as this one or the Jane Austen films and many others.  The places where the famous literary names once dwelled and where the films of today are made easily bring out creativity in many forms.


Any thoughts on these films, whichever ones you watched?