Registration for my final semester as an undergraduate college student is set and it’s hard to believe.  Along with my major in communications, I am wrapping up a minor in English with a concentration in film studies.  So it’s going to be a very interesting semester to close the 4-year college chapter of my life, something that I took a long road toward.

The original group of classes I chose for spring 2012 included an intro acting class, which I felt would be a great asset for public speaking skills.  However, based on what it counted toward, it didn’t have as much weight as other classes did for both my English minor and the film concentration.  Something had to go in order to fit one more three-credit class that satisfied the required credits for both areas.  Also, I switched a psychology values class for a film-related values class and with those changes, I could complete both the minor and concentration within it.

My finalized classes include scriptwriting, the art of directing, film appreciation and the film-related values class.  I already had one film class, covering film history from the 195os to present day.  Luckily, I took that when I did or I’d still be short three credits for both the English minor and the film concentration at graduation this May.

I’m going to have a lot of writing to do for those classes as well as the second half of my journalism class.  My film studies will also give me a lot to blog about and I’m looking forward to that.  I also can’t wait to see where these combined studies take me.  I would love to live, work and study in New York City.  After two trips there to see Broadway shows, I found that I also love the Theatre District and its history.  I’ve learned a great deal about old Hollywood icons and who had theatre debuts at one theatre or another; it’s fascinating to me.

As for that acting class, I decided that I will still go out of my comfort zone and pursue that elsewhere.  Maybe a local community theatre.  It’s something to try as well as for the purpose of strengthening public speaking skills.  When I look back on high school, I think that one thing I’d change would be to face that stage fright and act in a play even just once.  Of course, I still didn’t do so during my undergraduate years; maybe I got a bit of the acting bug a little late.  That’s okay, though, since it’s not my life direction.  I just want to experience a little bit of that area of creativity and check it off; sort of a “bucket list” item to turn into a “been there, done that” item while adding to my communication skills.