On my Facebook page, I posted a note a while back about many things I would like to do in my life.  Most things were travel and photography-related, along with others that had to do with education.  I also had a good bit of items related to movies.  So, they are: the items on my “cinematic” bucket list.

  1. Write more film reviews…I wrote two so far.
  2. Learn screenwriting.
  3. Take more classes in video production & film history, & a beginner acting class (I think that an acting class will help me with public speaking).
  4. Do some documentary work about nature and history.
  5. Watch all of the AFI Top 100 Films list.
  6. Attend film festivals.
  7. See the Oscars’ Red Carpet in person.
  8. Go to the James Dean Festival in Indiana.
  9. See famous movie-related sites in California (Walk of Fame, Hollywood Forever cemetery), and film locations (Griffith Observatory, spots in San Francisco).
  10. Visit film sites (Jane Austen movies, Harry Potter, DaVinci Code, National Treasure).  Check out my travel / photo bucket list).