I have two articles about movies in my campus news, the Loquitur, to start off another semester of journalism.  The first of which is a look back on eight of the summer season of action-packed blockbusters; the second is a review of the bio-hazard drama, “Contagion.”

Writing about movies for the Loquitur is something that I want to do more of throughout the current academic year.  My goal is to add more film reviews to my portfolio, because in the real world, I’d like to use my journalism skills for this.  There are some more really good movies coming up, so I have plenty of ideas to go with for film reviews.

One thing I try to keep in mind when writing these reviews is to not give too much away.  Leave something for readers to wonder about and add my own thoughts on what I watched.  And of course, as one of the copy editors for Loquitur, I make sure to double-check on spelling of cast member and character names.

I hope you enjoy my movie articles.  If you saw any of the summer blockbusters I wrote about, or new movie “Contagion,” what are your thoughts on them?