On a brief visit with relatives in New Jersey last Friday, my aunt offered to lend me her copy of the 2010 romance comedy “Leap Year.”  I hadn’t seen it before and was meaning to for a while now.  So on the following rainy Saturday morning, I popped the movie into my computer’s DVD player to enjoy the story of Anna (Amy Adams) and an Irish marriage proposal tradition.

Listening closely, I heard the word “luck” spoken in an early scene, a hint at later superstition-related moments in the movie.  A number of circumstances bring Anna, a career woman, to those moments as she tries to get to Dublin for a surprise move in her relationship with Jeremy (Adam Scott).  If you haven’t seen it yet, note what she says about her feelings regarding surprises.

Anna’s journey to Dublin is rocky from the start, and as she continues on her way, superstitions arise.

Without giving away too much more, there are a lot of things I love about this movie.  First, Anna is so relatable, from her backstory to her career and city lifestyle and relationship woes.  Adams herself is wonderful and comical in the role.  Declan (Matthew Goode) is another reason I like this movie.  He is cute, annoys Anna in various ways, yet is an all-around good guy.

Of course, I love the Irish themes throughout the movie starting with the marriage proposal tradition to the film locations and culture of Ireland.  And although Anna experienced many mishaps along the way, this movie gets added to the list of many that inspire me to travel.

I have never been out of the United States before, and Ireland is at the top of my international destination choices.  I want to immerse myself in its culture and just go with the experiences I have in the process.  If I’m anything like Anna and have any minor mishaps, it’s just part of the experience of being in a new place and something to add to the story wherever I go.  Not being a very experienced traveler yet, I have many unknowns to face, even if they turn out to be the kind I could look back on and laugh at.

Why Ireland?  For me, it is where the majority of my family history comes from.  I love the castles, breathtaking scenery, Celtic crosses, stone walls, traditional music, the pub crawls and so much more.  I just want to be able to take them in with my own senses.  Until then, I have the movies that inspire the world traveler in me.