>I just finished watching the 1938 movie “Bringing Up Baby,” starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant on TCM. It is listed on the AFI Top 100 Movies as well as on a Yahoo! list of movies to see before you die. As a fan of classic movies, I’m trying to check off as many of those movies so that’s one more down after my first time watching the funny Hepburn / Grant movie involving a leopard.

Another comedy I recently saw was “My Sister Eileen,” the 1942 version starring Rosalind Russell. This one seems hard to find on DVD, but since I’ve only seen it on a couple of times, I’d love to get my own copy. I usually find a different version on DVD when looking around online, but I haven’t watched that one yet. In the ’42 version, the things that happen to the career-driven sisters in their New York apartment are hilarious!

If you are a fan of classic Hollywood and the comedy genre, check these out on TCM when you get a chance.