>Yesterday was the due date for our term papers on various films. Next week, we will just have individual meetings with the professor about the papers and how they can be improved. I was working on mine up to yesterday morning, getting some final pieces added to it. There is also supposed to be slideshow presentations to compliment the term papers. However, they aren’t due yet.

I’ve been enjoying this class so far, mostly because I’ve had to chance to watch some movies that I have never seen before. At the beginning of class, we also discuss any new movies anyone recently went to see. My professor said he saw the movie, “Paul,” about two guys who encounter a little space alien.

I was in New York City on March 19 to see the musical, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” starring Daniel Radcliffe. The show was great! The musical was at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, near the Film Center building. A block away is the Actors Studio, although I didn’t see it during that visit to the Big Apple. That will have to be for next time, along with a lot of other sightseeing!