>During the last three nights in film class, we watched “Double Indemnity” as an example of the film noir genre, followed by “On the Waterfront” to represent the 1950s.

I saw “Double Indemnity” before on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and loved it from that first viewing. My in-class screenings of “On the Waterfront” was the first time I saw that film, yet also was an instant favorite. Both films have are loaded with such great talent.

Most recently, we watched the French new wave film, “Breathless,” which had a lot of jump cuts. As mentioned in the class, French new wave filmmakers were fans of classic Hollywood and “Breathless” showed some elements of that through the lead male character.

Along with film screenings, the process of writing a semester term paper has begun. I’m writing my paper on “Rebel Without a Cause,” one of the film choices we were given, and I just need to get one more source for the bibliography. We had to turn in our thesis statements during this week’s class meeting, so now it’s onto the rough drafts.