>I haven’t been able to see “127 Hours” yet for various reasons. However, I have a free pass to use at my local Regal cinema and will be writing a film review on the Danny Boyle film for my campus news. So, I’ll probably try to see it within the coming week. I only know one person who has seen it at this point, even after it was given a wider release. Before the wider release, I tried to find where it was playing near me. No exaggeration, it was only playing at two theaters within a 75 mile radius of where I live. One was in Center City Philadelphia, and the other was somewhere in northern New Jersey (or the uppermost part of Central New Jersey). Neither of those theaters would have honored my free pass, since they were part of different cinema companies. So I’m glad that this film was finally given a wider release in theaters.

Anyway, once I see “127 Hours” and write my review of it, I’ll post a link to it instead of posting the actual review on here. Going by the previews I’ve seen, James Franco does a great job in it and is well-deserving of his nominations. He is one of those actors that I feel will win at the Oscars during his career.