>Judging from my first night of film history class, a lot of interesting conversation will take place to compliment the reading and writing. During introductions, we took turns memorizing names to repeat after saying our own and then naming a favorite film. I thought that was a unique class introduction style, having to repeat the names of others who introduced themselves before each turn. Most of the class had introduced themselves before it got around to my turn. Besides classmate names, I remember some of them mentioned favorite movies such as “Cool Hand Luke, ” “Inception” and “Scream.” So there’s a great variety among my film history classmates.

Later, some of my classmates gave their thoughts on “Black Swan,” “True Grit” and “Tron: Legacy.” One girl seemed disappointed in “Black Swan,” while another said that when she saw it, there were a lot of elderly couples watching it too. That girl said she thought they were probably expecting a totally different style of film instead of seeing certain aspects in it. One of the guys who saw “True Grit” felt that Matt Damon’s performance deserved more attention than it’s getting. A guy who saw “Tron: Legacy” compared it to “Star Wars” in terms of the story in it.

My professor discussed a term paper that is expected for the class, and he gave us 6 films to choose from for our research. “Umberto D.” (Italy), “The 400 Blows” (France), “Yojimbo” (Japan), “Forbidden Planet,” “The Graduate” and “Rebel Without A Cause” were our choices. I’ve never heard of the first 3 films in that list, although based on the other 3 choices, there is something very good about them as well.

Last night I watched the Critics’ Choice Awards and was surprised by the wins in certain categories. By that, I just mean that certain movies I heard a lot less about up to that point while hearing so much about others. The same goes for acting performances as well. Finally getting to see clips of all nominated performances throughout the award ceremony definitely showed that all nominees are very talented. It just seems like some didn’t get as much publicity as others did.

As far as publicity goes and how many people hear of a film, I was trying to find where “127 Hours” is playing near me. It turns out that it is only playing at a particular location in Philadelphia. Most of what I heard of it was by way of Facebook, but it looks like a very good film. James Franco is an awesome actor in my opinion, and I was hoping he’d win last night for his role in it. Whether or not he wins throughout the rest of this year’s award season, he’s one of those actors who I feel will win at the Oscars in his career. Anyway, there have been a lot of films, especially independent ones, in the last few years that I wish were playing closer to where I live.

I was not surprised by Natalie Portman’s best actress win for “Black Swan,” nor was I surprised regarding the technical wins for “Inception.” I hoped that Leonardo DiCaprio would get into the nominations for Critics’ Choice through Oscars this year, but that didn’t happen. He’s another one that I’ve been waiting for to win an Oscar.

Next, of course, are the Golden Globes tomorrow night and I’ll be watching. I’ll list my favorites to win, and some guesses, in my next post shortly.