>During the weekend of before Halloween, one of my friends and I got together in the King of Prussia area of Pennsylvania. We went shopping for a few hours at the mall and I particularly wanted to show my friend a cool store filled with pop culture merchandise. The store is called “Beyond the Wall,” and featured items themed with images of old Hollywood icons along the store front.

I first found out about the store when a few workers were at my college campus on the first day of the Fall 2010 semester to sell merchandise. After that, I searched online to find out where the store’s closest locations were at.

At one point, my friend picked up an 8×10 image of Marilyn Monroe sitting and wearing a long-skirted ballerina costume. My friend didn’t know that I saw her looking at the item, so that gave me the perfect idea for her Christmas present this year.

We continued to browse through the pop culture merchandise that surrounded us for a little while longer. I decided to buy a photo book of James Dean and my friend bought a poster of a recent favorite movie. Since she didn’t buy the Marilyn Monroe image, I planned to come back another time to buy it when my friend would not be shopping with me.

However, the weekend before Christmas arrived and I found a larger version of the same image to buy for my friend. It was being sold by a vender who was set up somewhere in the main corridor of a mall closer to where I live. On Dec. 23, I went back up to visit my friend and give her the present. She loved it, and I could tell it was a total surprise to receive the Marilyn Monroe image. She said that she had seen a few of Monroe’s movies in the past.

One of my presents this year from family turned out to be this cool James Dean image.

With our mutual interest in Old Hollywood, I think my friend and I will watch James Dean’s and Marilyn Monroe’s movies when we get together next time.