>In my speech class, I have an informative speech coming up and today I finally decided on a topic. I’ll be presenting info on various filmmaking techniques that I learned about in a film class a few years ago. Along with techniques, the class covered genres and acting styles. The professor showed clips of various films, some of which I had never heard of. He also showed clips of other films that I had heard of but never watched. Since then, I have been inspired to watch many films for the first time.

Regarding my presentation, I am looking for particular scenes from various films so that I can use them as examples of techniques. Once I get all the information together, I’ll be putting it into a PowerPoint slideshow. I’m going to use a mix of films from various genres and decades for a good variety. These should be a good pre-cursor to my Spring semester, when I’ll be taking a film history class focusing on the last 60 years of films. I’m looking forward to finding out what films will be discussed.