>Many of my favorite classic films from the 1950s are the ones about invaders from space. Although I didn’t see it featured for an October scare, “The Blob” was shown yesterday on Turner Classic Movies.

This is one of my favorites out of the invaders-from-space set of films over the years, and was filmed not too far away from where I live. So I have always wanted to see the film locations made famous by “The Blob.” Of course, there is also the annual Blobfest, which I have never been too. However, I’ll have to make a road trip out of it next time it is held and I’ll go check out the Colonial Theatre, where movie-goers ran screaming from the gooey monster.

“The Blob” is also the film that I first saw actor Steve McQueen star in. He is one of those classic actor favorites and I think that new generations will easily like him when first watching his films. As any teen can relate to, McQueen’s character is not being listened to by most of the authority figures. The cool cars of the 1950s driven by McQueen’s character and his friends are another timeless aspect of the film. They add to that always-cool look of a decade that continues to inspire a love of cool cars.

A few moments of humor are included here and there throughout “The Blob,” so it has a little bit of something for many people. It uses suspense to scare and has human emotion when main characters find themselves in a jam…no pun intended.

Overall, I recommend this classic to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.