>This creepy classic stars two of legends from the horror genre, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. It centers around a creature similar to Medusa of Greek mythology, with the power to turn victims into stone.

Among horror films filled with vampires, mummies, werewolfs and other monsters, the Medusa-like creature seemed an unusual element to encounter. It was interesting to see outside of watching the original “The Clash of the Titans.”

What I like the most about “The Gorgon” included the effects adding to the film’s overall eerie atmosphere. There are the scenes with a creepy, dark castle off in the distance with a wooded area that seems to warn, “do not enter.” The winds howl, sounding ghostly as they whip around the castle and nearby village homes. Inside the castle, the rooms are shadowy and filled with gothic-detailed furnishings.

The setting builds up a feeling that something is going to happen, or that someone or something is watching from the shadows. This is why I love the old horror films the most, because they are creepy without all the “in-your-face” scenes of today’s horror films.