>Counting down the final days before Halloween once more, one annual ritual of sorts is watching the old horror and sci-fi movie line-up on TCM. Whether it’s Bela Lugosi starring as Dracula, 1950s oversized creatures or invasions from outer space, they are always a great addition to celebrating the season of scares.

There are quite a number of these creepy classics that I’ve watched over and over, never tiring of them. “Creepy Classics” was also the title of a collection of horror film clips I had on VHS back in the late 80s. It was hosted by Vincent Price and featured a mix of different kinds of monsters that we’ve seen in films over the years.

This year, I caught a few monster classics that I haven’t seen before in all the years I’ve tuned in to watch movie monsters of old. In honor of October’s scary line-up, I’ll be writing about those as well as any long-time favorite scream-filled gems.

One final thought for now…I also like remakes of certain classics and one such example is “The Wolfman,” starring Benicio Del Toro as the latest werewolf. It has that perfectly creepy, atmospheric look throughout the movie. The time period it was set in also added to that gloomy effect. Other remakes, however, bring on that feeling of “nothing beats the original.”