>Yesterday, my college held an involvement fair on campus to help students find clubs and organizations of interest to them. In following with my film / entertainment interests, I decided to sign up with the theatre & stage crew.

This will be something totally different for me, being involved to any degree with plays. Yet it coincides with my communications major through the various equipment used. Lighting, for example, which I learned about in video production during my Spring 2010 semester. Of course, there is the area of working with props or set / stage design. That is something I really like…the little details you see in a scene…studio set or theatre stage. I think that they can really make a story real for the viewer, or even allow an interesting shot. I’m remembering some film scenes in which a character’s face is framed in a different way, or maybe viewers get to see the character and a reflection of him or her at the same time.

Back on campus, I’m also looking forward to any meetings of the film society on campus this semester. I didn’t see any tables set up for that particular student group at the involvement fair. However, I hope to meet many other students with an interest in the film industry and who just really love many different films.