>I decided to keep a blog about films because I love many different genres, and have a lot of favorite actors and actresses. As I go to see new films, I will post on here my thoughts about them. I also want to do the same for any film that I see for the first time, even if it is something that I don’t see until it is on DVD or TV. Of course, I usually follow the various award shows when that time rolls around. So, I also plan to write about my favorites to win for their categories.

There are many films that feature places I would love to visit someday, inspiring things I want to photograph. I listed some films with favorite locations on my Photo Journey blog, back before I thought of blogging about films. As a college student, I am also interested in learning about video, filmmaking, script writing. So I’d like to post about the steps I take toward those areas, writing about the overall experiences as I go.